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At Keylight Theatre Lighting we are able to source equipment from most manufacturers. We do, however, have a preference for certain manufacturers. These preferences are for a variety of reasons which include being able to offer products at competitive prices, ease of use and reliability. The last of these, reliability, is extremely important and whilst no manufacturer can guarantee absolutely that a product won’t malfunction the products we recommend have had a good track record over the years. This is not to say that similar products from other manufacturers are not equally reliable just that we tend to stay with those manufacturers whose equipment we have continued to use ourselves over the years.


For dimming control, in the price sector, we have a preference for Zero 88 for control desks and dimmers. For the those on a smaller budget we would recommend the product range from Highlite Our choice of luminaire manufacturer lies mainly with Selecon, a New Zealand manufacturer of high quality, well designed lighting instruments.


Which microphone to use is very personal choice and sometimes manufacturers are stronger in some areas than in others. Our preferences are Sennheiser for radio microphones and for non-radio microphones Sennheiser, Electrovoice, Behringer and Shure.

Again the choice of speakers can be a very personal matter. We and our clients have always been satisfied with JBL, Electrovoice, Bose

The selection of a mixing desk is no easy matter (how many channels, how many aux sends and returns, how good is the eq etc.) We have sold mixing desks from Soundcraft and Yamaha which have proved reliable and in our hire stock we have mixing desks from both Behringer and Soundcraft with which we are more than happy.

For the smaller budget Highlite’s DAP series is worth considering